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Felt gives a new meaning to charm jewellery. Our felt walls are filled with charms of silver and gold. We have costume and vintage pieces gathered on our travels; plucked from markets in the darkest hours of winter, picked out from Italian treasure hunts in the sweltering heat of summer, harvested from Burma to New York, or simply designed in-house by us procurators of quirky and lovers of simplicity.

We have been the suppliers of the most exquisite charm collection to our loyal friends and customers for a number of years. Our designs include star signs, protective symbols, the plain or simply wacky: from golden tassels to teapots. Every Month a great number of charms pass through Felts doors, satisfying a little of our voracious appetite for the new and the inventive.

Bespoke jewellery is our business. We are often commissioned to create the most unusual charms of rare shape and design. We can supply you with an unimaginable array of chain bracelets and unparalleled Victorian design chains as a base for the charm display. We will refurbish any antique brooch, set of earrings, necklace or other piece and incorporate it into a charmed accessory. You are warmly invited to enjoy our selection of images that exhibit just a taster of what Felt has to offer.

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